Negotiating Democracy and Religious Pluralism: India, Pakistan, and Turkey (co-edited with Karen Barkey and Sudipta Kaviraj; Oxford University Press 2021). Read the Introduction and my co-authored chapter. Available online via University Press Scholarship and the Library Genesis project.

Constituent Assemblies (co-edited with Jon Elster, Roberto Gargarella, and Bjørn Erik Rasch; Cambridge University Press 2018). Read the Introduction. Available online via Cambridge Core and the Library Genesis project.

“Pride and Prejudice in Austin’s cornerstone” in Udit Bhatia (ed.), The Indian Constituent Assembly: Deliberations on Democracy (Routledge 2018). Updated version available here.

Works in Progress

 “Attacking Pride in its Last Refuge”: Tocqueville and Ambedkar on the Tyranny of the Permanent Majority.

Not in whose name? The Social Psychology of Lynchings

Constitution-making and Violence in India

The Moral Psychology of Whiteness and Courageous Humility in Du Bois